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Sipoonkorpi National Park

Sipoonkorpi National Park is an attractive outdoor destination near Helsinki. Natura Viva offers guided tours and group activities in Sipoonkorpi – book yours now.

Sipoonkorpi National Park lies behind Eastern Helsinki and borders three muncipalities: Helsinki and the neigboring Vantaa and Sipoo. The distance to downtown Helsinki is only 20 kilometers, yet in Sipoonkorpi you are totally surrounded by nature. The thick forests here are very old and imposing. Sipoonkorpi is a true wilderness in the Helsinki metropolitan area. 

The forest is dominated by spruces and pines. The ground is swampy and there are many steep hills and rocks – a reminiscent of the latest ice age. The Sipoonjoki river and its river fork Byabäcken run through the national park. There are numerous bird species inhabiting the national park. 

You will also find traditional Finnish cultural sceneries in Sipoonkorpi. The Hindsby village on the side of the national park is one of the earliest settlements in Finland and dates back to the 12th century. There's a traditional farm in Hindsby, where domestic animals are being raised. The animals still herd on the nearby fields like they used to in the past centuries. 

There are public transit connections from downtown Helsinki to Sipoonkorpi by HSL, the Helsinki Regional Transport Authority. When arriving by car, you can choose one of the many parking areas around and in the national park.

Hiking in Sipoonkorpi

Embark on a refreshing nature hike near Helsinki in Sipoonkorpi. There are some marked hiking trails in the national park, which are easy to follow. One of these leads to Hindsby farm. 

The 5-kilometer Kalkinpolttajanpolku trail leads to the top of Högberget, the highest peak in the national park. From there you may observe the breath-taking scenery over Eastern Helsinki. An easier path, the Ponu trail, leads through the meadows in Byabäcken, and during the Summer season you might be able to catch a glimpse of the foraging cows and horses. Another trail, the Tasakallio-Storträsk trail leads to lake Storträsk, in the middle of the national park. Anothet forest path, the Bakunkärr-Fiskträsk leads to lake Fiskträsk, a pictoresque forest pond. 

Ask us more about the nature trails in Sipoonkorpi and embark on a nature journey.

Lake Kuusijärvi – a nice outdoor destination

Lake Kuusijärvi and the Kuusijärvi outdoor area are located in the Western part of Sipoonkorpi National Park. Lake Kuusijärvi is a beautiful forest lake, and here you can also do some fishing – stocked rainbow trout, pike and perch can be caught here. There's also a nice swimming beach, which is open also during the WInter season for ice swimming. There are two public saunas on the lakeshore, one traditional wood-fired "smoke" sauna and one modern electric sauna. A dressing room with heating is open throughout the year. There's also a public campfire site and an outdoor cooking stall in Kuusijärvi, great for picnics. 

The Kuusijärvi outdoor area is connected to Sipoonkorpi National Park via a brand new walking bridge, the Sipoonkorpi brigde, which crosses the Vanha Porvoontie country road and leads to the national park forest.  

Restarant Tila – coffee and restarant food

Restarant Tila, an affiliate to Natura Viva in Sipoonkorpi, is located at Hindsby farm. Tila offers lunch, a la carte menus and coffee in the middle of the national park. The restarant is also a good location for meetings and private events, and occasionally they host concerts. 

The Hindsby farm dates back 100 years. They raise domestic animals and bees, and make honey and cheese, which they also serve at the restaurant. 

Natura Viva's outdoor activities in Sipoonkorpi

Sipoonkorpi National Park is a great outdoor destination near Helsinki metroopolitan area but in the middle of wilderness. We organize multiple outdoor outdoor activities and group events in Sipoonkorpi. Please contact us for more info.