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Lake Inari

Lake Inari is a wonderful nature destination in Lapland. Take part in Natura Viva's guided paddling trip at Lake Inari - a great nature adventure in Lapland awaits you.

Lake Inarijärvi is Finland's third largest lake. The lake has a surface area of over 1000 square kilometres and combined shore length of over 3300 kilometres. The lake has hundreds of small islands which create an epic setting for a paddling trip at lake Inari. 

The vast wilderness of Lapland is the ideal surrounding for Natura Viva's annual paddling trip at Lake Inari, which is being organised in Autumn, 2021.  The week-long trip includes daily paddles of 25 kilometres and camping on the islands. Read more about this epic journey below and book your guided paddling trip at lake Inari. 

Paddler's paradise in Lapland

Natura Viva's guided paddling trip at Lake Inari is headed towards Vätsäri wilderness area, a vast uninhabited forest and taiga, located along the northeastern shore of Lake Inari. Here you will really sense the magic of Lapland. 

For the avid paddler lake Inari is a magnificent travel destination. There are endless routing options along the islands and inlets, the water is crystal clear yet very cold, and the rugged shoreline and the sense of remoteness create an atmospheric setting for the paddling trip. 

It must be stated, that lake Inari is not an ideal destination for inexperienced paddlers, and Natura Viva's paddling trip makes no exception to the rule – the trip is aimed for experienced and seasoned paddlers with prior stays in the wilderness on their belt. The maze-like island network offers some shelter, but the water is cold and the wind might be rough. There's is a network of unlocked wilderness cabins, which might be vacant for spending the night, but on many occasions the only option will be to sleep in a tent.

A paddling trip to lake Inari requires a good plan, adequate equipment and good paddling and outdoor trekking skills. The reward is huge: there's no comparison to the untouched beauty of the Lapland nature, its clear air and soothing atmosphere.