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Fiskars Village

Fiskars Village is a cultural destination and a lively village, close to Helsinki metropolitan area. Enjoy nature and culture in Fiskars.

Fiskars Village is a small community, located in the Raasepori municipality, about 80 kilometres from metropolitan Helsinki and about 100 kilometres from Turku city. This wonderful culture and nature destination in the heart of Southern Finland offers something for every visitor. Enjoy the nature paths and forest trails, stroll around the lakes and ponds, eat and drink at the high-quality restaurants and brewery gastropubs, visit the numerous small boutiques and handicraft shops and enjoy art in its many forms at the village galleries.

Nature is everywhere in Fiskars

Fiskars Village is located at the Fiskars riverbank, in a lush river valley where the climate is untypical continental European and slightly warmer than in other parts of Finland. The river runs through lake Degersjö and Borgby to the Gulf of Finland. Numerous uncommon tree and plant species grow in the river valley. The lakes and rivers are unspoiled and clean, where endemic Finnish fish and crab thrive.

The best way to get to know the nature around Fiskars Village is to take a hike in the nature paths and forest trails. There are two distinct paths leading to the wilderness from the village: the two-kilometre Tree Species Path and the four-kilometre Rissla Forest Path. Embark on a nature journey along these marked trails. 

Fiskars is also a great destination for cyclists. The Fiskars Village Trail Center is a 60-kilometre network of mountain biking trails, conceived by local bike enthusiasts. 

The history of Fiskars Iron Foundry

In the old days Fiskars river was a significant waterway for timber and for iron ore, which was mined in the surrounding area. Iron ore was transported through the river and the lakes to the Baltic Sea and further to Sweden. The remains of this historic waterway can Cleary be seen in the area. 

Fiskars Village was originally founded as an iron foundry, as the river provided for the much sought-after power for the ironworks. In the 17th century villages rose around the water-powered powerplants along the river banks: in addition to Fiskars, there are the Billnäs and Antskog villages some kilometres further up the river, where historic iron foundry sites still remain. Fiskars and the other villages had the water power for the ironworks and the timber needed for the factory furnaces.

In the 19th century the Fiskars iron works began concentrating in iron refining. Handicraft shops were founded and the Finlayson cotton factories were built. The village as a living habitat was developed, and a hospital and a school were built to serve the locals. The 19th century can be seen as the golden era in Fiskars, and most of the old buildings which still stand today are from this era. The oldest remaining building is the Ruukinkonttori (factory office), built in 1765.

Along the industrial activities, Fiskars are was also a small hub for livestock agriculture, which only ceased in the 1970s. 

Fiskars transformed into a cultural hotspot

The village survived the 20th century world wars largely undamaged, and the Fiskars company, carrying the name of the river, developed into a large conglomerate corporation in the later parts of the 20th century. They also moved their business operation away from Fiskars Village. Thus began the transformation of the area into a culture and nature site and a living community in the 1990s. Small businesses and handicraft boutiques began to occupy the old factory buildings, housing was further developed and a co-operative group of artists and artisan entrepreneurs was formed. Today the group has about 120 members. 

Eat and drink in Fiskars

Fiskars Village is a great dining destination. There are high-quality restaurants in the village, as well as microbrewery gastropubs and cafeterias, which focus in local and organic ingredients. Have a great meal and enjoy the local artesan beers and ciders along with your dinner. 

Natura Viva at Fiskars Village

Natura Viva has a variety of activities and rental destinations in Fiskars. Rent the Myllyjärvi lake cabin for a relaxed summer weekend. Rent a SUP board, an inflatable Packraft or a foldable Ory Kayak for a stroll on the beautful lake Degersjö at Fiskars Village Trail Centrer. 

Roll Outdoors, Natura Viva's co-operation partner in Fiskars offers rental mountain bikes at Fiskars Village Trail Center.