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Pahkajärvi military area

On the eastern boundary of the national park is the Pahkajärvi military area, which is clearly marked on the terrain with blue and white paintings and on maps of the area.

It is forbidden to enter the military area under penalty of a fine, as it is dangerous. There are more than 300 training days a year at the military area. From time to time, servicemen or military police can also be seen at Repovesi. The Pahkajärvi military area is part of the Vekaranjärvi garrison and is under the control of the Karelian Brigade of the Finnish Defence Forces.

Tervarumpu has an agreement for movement and guidance in the military area

Tervarumpu has a cooperation agreement with the Karelian Brigade. The company is authorised to move and guide groups along designated routes in the Pahkajärvi military area. Tervarumpu's activities also aim to promote awareness of the military area and its importance, and to guide any hikers who may stray into the area. All persons found in the area will be directed to leave the area without delay and reported to the Brigade Commandant.

For information

KARPR Commandant tel. +358 299 431 102
Training Environment Officer p. +358 299 431 144

Use of Pahkajärvi military area

Year plan of Pahkajärvi (Finnish Defence Forces)