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The story of Tervarumpu

Once upon a time there was a house, a family and a woodland. People lived in even the most remote forests and lived a busy, busy but happy life. People lived from nature.
But the world was changing. Nature gave way to concrete jungles, to endless pressure to perform. During the day, exhausted people, one busier and more irritable than the next, were everywhere, carrying out their daily consumer duties. The hum of the forests had insidiously become a carefree daily routine in a realm of cold light and bustle. People had forgotten their roots.

One day, Tervarumpu appeared in the forest. Tervarumpu lived in the forest. Nature was its home. Tervarumpu offered people a way to go back in time to the place where it all began. It gave people a chance to breathe and dream, to adventure and explore.  And when the day ending and sun was going down, Tervarumpu always ensured that people had a cosy, imaginative shelter where it was safe to dream dreams of a bygone era. Life was real and reasonable.

And that made people feel good again. There was a way to forget the grey of everyday life and re-energise.To live like in the old days at the foot of the pine trees.

People returned to their roots - the forest