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Join the tribe of Tree People and spend a night or two in a tree with a beautiful lake landscape in the middle on World Heritage Site Verla. Since the beginning of time, trees and forests have been extremely important for Finnish people. Forests have provided security in many different ways. It has been a place to gather food and generate livelyhood. More importantly, trees and forests have also been a place to calm your mind. Tree People returns a part of this forgotten connection to the forests.

Tree People is a sustainable Tentsile experience, that is ideal for couples and families. Tree People Ecocamp is located at the heart of World Heritage Site Verla.

Tree People includes

  • Unique and beautiful Tentsile location 
  • Beautiful natural shore for swimming in the lake
  • Tentsile installed and ready for accommodation
  • Turn at camps tent sauna
  • Old loggers cabin for get together with other tree people
  • Place for campfire to enjoy fire and chill with others 
  • Dry toilet (shared)

Remember to bring your own

  • Sleeping bag
  • Food and something to drink
  • Towels

Cleanliness and trash

The guest is responsible for the cleanliness of the ecocamp. Tentsile Experience Camps follows the litter-free guidelines. You can put bio waste into the dry toilet. Everything else must be taken to trash collections points at Seuratalo or the mill area. 


Pets are not allowed at Tentsile Experience Ecocamps


The person making the reservations is fully responsible for the cabin and his/her friends. Please read the terms and conditions before making any reservations.