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Oru Kayak kayaking at Repovesi National Park

Oru Kayak kayaking at Repovesi National Park
Oru Kayak Inlet Repovesi (8)
Oru Kayak Beach Repovesi (1)
Oru Kayak Beach Repovesi (2)
Oru Kayak Inlet Repovesi (7)
From €30.00 / 2 h
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At the Lapinsalmi kayaking base there is a Hang Outdoors self-service point where you can book Oru kayaks from dawn to dusk. Make your reservation at least 2 hours before the start of the rental period. Experience Repovesi from the water!

The Oru kayak is a stable and lightweight kayak for one person, also suitable for beginners. The Oru kayak weighs about 10 kilos. The Oru Inlet has a total load capacity of 125 kg and the Oru Beach 136 kg.

After booking, you will receive instructions and a lock code to pick up your equipment. The paddling support point is located in the immediate vicinity of the Lapinsalmi car park. From the base it is 100 m to the pier. The Oru kayak is easy to carry to the pier, you don't need a trolley to transport it.

The rental time is a minimum of 2 hours, which guarantees an unhurried and comfortable paddling experience. There is plenty of time to pick up and put on your equipment. There is plenty to see on the water and time flies by.
In the words of a customer: 'Yes, the Repovesi is more impressive from the water than from land. "

The 24 hours rental is scheduled for the time slot at 10:00 a.m. the next day at 10:00 a.m. For longer rentals or taking equipment outside the Repovesi area, contact us and we will agree the rental times and practical matters separately.

The rental price includes

  • Kayak and paddle

  • 1 floating vest for an swimming skilled adult, weight 40 - 130 kg

  • Waterproof bag 10 litres


  • Swimming skills are compulsory.

  • Wearing a buoyancy aid is compulsory.

  • Users are always in the water at their own risk and are fully responsible for their own safety.

  • Do not stand in the kayak, always launch and land on your knees or sitting down.

  • If you are afraid of the water or have particularly weak arm strength and balance problems we do not recommend renting without guidance. We also offer guided kayaking trips.