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The rugged scenery in Repovesi was formed during the last ice age. 

The region’s wildlife and landscape are diverse.  The solid granite rocks and hillsides are the most prominent feature of the park, while the Lapinsalmi region’s geology is mostly consisting of brittle rapakivi. There are centuries old pines and spruces dripping with beard lichen in the old parts of the forest, in other areas you can still see the strong forestry history of the area. The fauna of Repovesi consists of typical boreal forest area species. Elks, foxes, gamefowls, common ravens and Eurasian lynxes are common residents. The Red-throated Diver (Gavia stellata), the area's most well-known bird, nests in the small ponds around Repovesi.


© Repovalkea Oy / Tervarumpu

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