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Dogs and other pets are welcome to the Repovesi National Park. Pets must be kept on a leash at all times, summer or winter, no matter the size, age or the level of obedience. This is especially important during the birds’ nesting season, when an unleashed pet can cause major damage to the nestings in the area.  

Pets and accommodation

Pet friendly accommodations in the park are Kuutinkämppä, Pihkapirtti, Savottakämppä and the Lojukoski and Karhulahti tipi-like huts.
At the public lean-tos and campfire places you must make sure your pet doesn’t disturb the other visitors. 

Things to consider

The suspension bridge at Lapinsalmi might not suite all dogs, they might prefer the Kettulossi hand pulled ferry.
Services for pet owners


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