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The eastern border of the Repovesi National Park is joined with the restricted Pahkajärvi military training area’s safe zone. The border is clearly marked with trees painted white and blue. 

It is forbidden (and punishable by a fine), to walk in the restricted military area because it’s dangerous. The Pahkajärvi area is used for military training for 300 days a year. You may see soldiers sometimes in the national park, too. The Pahkajärvi training area is part of the Vekaranjärvi garrison which belongs to the Karelian Brigade.

Tervarumpu’s cooperation agreement on traveling in the restricted area

Tervarumpu has a cooperation agreement with the Karelian Brigade. The company can travel and guide groups in certain trails in the restricted military area of Pahkajärvi. Tervarumpu is committed to spreading the knowledge about the restricted area and its significance, and to guide any lost hikers. Unauthorised people in the area will be asked to leave without delay, and the incidents will be reported to the commandant of the brigade. 

More info about the military training area

The latest schedule of the military training area of Pahkajärvi.


The Commandant of the Karelian Brigade, phone 0299 431 102
The person in charge of the training facilities, phone 0299 431 144


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