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This trail established in 2010 is the most popular one-day destination at the Repovesi National Park. Along the way you can find burned forests, dwellings dating back to the stone age, the Terrivuori hill with its jagged rocks, the impressing Katajavuori hill, the suspension bridge, the hand pulled cable ferry, Ketunlossi, and three campfire places.

Length: 5 km (3km shortened)
Suitability: 1 day for beginners and people of all ages
Difficulty: Easy


Katajavuori: From the top, you have a fantastic view to the west over Repovesi.
The suspension bridge: The suspension bridge at Lapinsalmi is one of the most popular spots in Repovesi, especially for children.
Ketunlossi: This hand pulled cable ferry takes you across Kapiavesi.

Services along the trail


You can get fresh drinking water from the well at Määkijä.


Määkijä lean-to


Ketunlenkki starts at the Lapinsalmi entrance. It’s a circle trail.

Travelling tips

Approximately 60% of the visitors in Repovesi choose the Ketunlenkki trail, so it can get a bit crowded at times. Surveys show the busiest time is on summer Saturdays at 10-14. If you don’t wish to queue at the suspension bridge, come on another day or plan your trip for a different time.

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