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Anyone is permitted to angle with a hook and line, to go ice fishing or Baltic herring fishing with a rig anywhere in the Repovesi National Park under the public rights of access. To fish with a lure you might need to pay a fee.

The State Fisheries Management Fee

To fish with a lure with one rod requires the payment of the state fisheries management fee for people over 18 and under 64. For any type of fishing not mentioned earlier, will need to purchase a fishing licence. Since 2016, fisheries management fee  covers lure fishing with one rod almost everywhere in the country. The state collects the fee for the benefit of the fishing waters and the fishermen.

The fee doesn’t cover fishing in rapids and currents in waters containing migratory fish or waters where fishing is prohibited under another provision. The prohibited fishing areas can be found at Lure fishing with more than one pole requires a separate licence, too. 

There are three different types of the management fee:

  • One year from Jan to Dec 39 euros
  • 7 days 12 euros
  • 24 hours 5 euros

You can get all licences from

More information about fishing in Finland:

The fishery boards

The Vuohijärvi and Repovesi lakes belong to the Kinansaari fishery board. Tihvetjärvi and Tervajärvi fall under the Hevosoja fishery board’s rule.
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