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The suspension bridge that stretches over the Lapinsalmi Strait is a memorable part of everyone’s hike, whether it’s because of fear or excitement. One might expect it to be a forgotten piece of rotting wood and a few ropes, inspired by Indiana Jones movies, when in reality it’s very safe with nets on the sides and a sturdy wooden walkway.

Before there was a bridge, people used many ways of crossing the Lapinsalmi Strait. Rafts made of backpacks and different types of vessels were a common sight. The suspension bridge was built in 1987 to make entering the area easier for all visitors. Kuutinkämppä (former Mustanlamminvuori’s hut) and the old tipi-like-huts at Lapinsalmi and Kuutinkanava were built at the same time. In the 1980’s there were only a few thousand peoples visiting the park annually, when today there are over 100 000. The bridge is used by at least 50 000 peoples every year. 

In the summertime in the early 2000s it was so popular that people had to queue to cross the bridge. During the summer of 2010 the Ketunlossi cable ferry was built in Määkijänniemi, to ease the pressure. That made the circle trail, Ketunlenkki, possible. Ketunlossi is a hand pulled cable ferry that hikers can operate themselves during the time when the lake is not frozen. During winter crossing is not possible over the ice either due to strong currents.
In past years, people have started to lock love locks onto the suspension bridge. Please note that fastening locks onto the top wire is forbidden, to keep it free and safe for people to hold on to. The bridge is 50 meters long and it’s 10 meters above the water. The water of Kapiavesi flows slowly from Tihvetjärvi to Repovesi, which is an old timber rafting route. From Repovesi, the water flows through the Hillosensalmi Strait into the Vuohijärvi Lake and ends eventually in the Kymijoki River. 

The suspension bridge is a part of Ketunlekki and Kaakkurin kierros trails. 

One of the gems of Repovesi

There are two wonderful panorama views from Lapinsalmi at


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