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Two rock paintings were found at the Olhavanvuori hill as recently as early this century. They are badly faded due to the weather conditions. The paintings are of a man and of a bearded man. Based on them it’s thought that this place used to be sacred to the people living in these forests. 

The rock wall of Olhava is impressive. It’s a straight wall rising 50 meters from the Olhavanlampi pond’s surface. From the top of the hill you can see for kilometers, and for example the white tower of Elving is visible to the naked eye. Olhava is an old Saami word and it means a cliff or a gorge.
Olhavanvuori is very popular amongst climbers. Lots of people come here to climb from all over Europe and Russia. Visitors should take climbers into consideration. Stepping on ropes forces sand into them, which can weaken them. Dropping stones or even pine cones from the top can be dangerous for the people below. Climbers warn each other about falling objects, so keep your ears open when walking at the foot of the hill and look up if you hear someone shouting “Rope!” or “Rock!” etc.

There are many different grades of climbing routes at Olhavanvuori. The oldest route is called Vekara, and it was found in 1975. The first one to climb the route gets to name it and the imaginative names tell us climbers are not short on imagination. The climbing routes are graded based on the difficulty. Some of the routes go along cracks and crevices but some go up the clean rock. The boats on the Olhavanlampi pond are solely for the climbers' use. 

One of the gems of Repovesi

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