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Climbing in the Repovesi National Park is allowed only at Olhava. Additionally, the local service provider SeikkailuviiKari Oy has a special permit for rope gliding over Lapinsalmi.

There are dozens of climbing routes of different difficulty grades at Olhavanvuori. The oldest route, found in 1975, is called Vekara. The first one to climb the route gets to name it and the imaginative names tell us climbers are not short on imagination. The climbing routes are graded based on the difficulty. Some of the routes go along cracks and crevices but some go up the clean rock.

Under the cliff there's a public campfire place for all visitors (which can be used following the everyman's rights), also known as the climber’s base camp in the summer. There are also plenty of places for tents. 

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What is the fastest way to Olhava?

The fastest route to Olhava is from the Saarijärvi park entrance along a forest road. You cannot miss it.

If there is an accident, and I cannot walk, can an ambulance come to get me?

In case of an emergency or an accident call 112. The emergency response center will dispatch a first response team and an ambulance per your needs. Driving there with any other vehicle is not allowed. This means you have to walk or be carried back if the criteria for an ambulance aren't met.

I have seen cars driving here. How is that possible?

There are private owned houses and properties inside the park, near Karhulahti, and they can be accessed by cars. The members of the local fishery boards have the right to drive to their lake areas as well. Metsähallitus and Tervarumpu Oy also have access to the park for research, service and maintenance purposes. All cars driving to Olhava must have a visible licence to do so. 

Can you go rowing at Olhava?

Olhavalampi is a nesting site of the red-throated diver, and because of that going on the lake anywhere else than between the basecamp and the cliff should be avoided. The boats are there for safety purposes and any recreational use of them is forbidden. 

Can I go hand gliding, fly a miniature aircraft or do anything else exotic at Olhava?

Anything other than traditional climbing or anything that is not covered by the everyman's rights of Finland will need a permit.

Where can I find more about the rights and regulations of the national park?



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