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Kuutinkanava is one of the most popular campfire places in Repovesi along with Lapinsalmi. There is a free to use tipi-like hut with a fire place and two other metal fire places, three picnic tables and a shelter with more tables. There are dry toilets a few hundred meters towards Tervajärvi. There is also a landing stage for kayaks, a pier for the waterbus and a good beach for swimming. Places for tents are next to the tipi-like hut and another above the woodshed. The area is not good for tents elsewhere. Kuutinkanava is popular destination for groups and travel businesses. You might face problems with the reception for mobile phones here.

The old timber floating flume was built in 1912 as a short cut for timber rafting. Before rafting started in the springs, water level of Tervajärvi was brought up with a dam (the old oak tree at the top of the canal). Timber rafting was stopped at Repovesi in 1968.

Every year the Concert of Kuutinlahti is held here, with the performers on the north side of the bay on a cliff, and the audience on the stands on the south side. The acoustics are excellent and the concert experience in the beautiful nature’s concert hall is unforgettable.

If the campfire place of Kuutinkanava is too crowded, there’s another one on the other side of the road, on the shore of Tervajärvi.  There is a metal fire place, a woodshed and a landing stage. There is a gravel road from Saarijärvi to Kuutinkanava, but there are quite steep hills on the way, since the elevation difference between the two places is 30 meters to begin with. 

One of the gems of Repovesi

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