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Karhulahti used to be the place where loggers would bring the wood, drawn by horses form the forest, to wait to be timber rafted to the mills in the spring. There is a beautiful view onto the lake of Repovesi. The rentable tipi-like hut is uphill. There's a fire place, a woodshed and a dry toilet for everyone’s use. 

There is a landing stage for canoes and a pier for the waterbus at Karhulahti, but the waterbus doesn’t stop there regularly. Due to the pier, lots of people visit by boats. There is plenty of places for tents and a nice beach for swimming. The road from the Saarijärvi entrance is a gravel road without big hills, so it’s easily reachable with baby buggies.


© Repovalkea Oy / Tervarumpu

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