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When you are participating a guided Tentsile Experience, the staff is at your disposal most of the time and they will make sure that everything goes smoothly. In all other cases you need to manage on your own. Don’t take any unnecessary risks. Stop when you are tired and eat when you are hungry. Remember to drink at regular intervals, specially during warm summer days. 

Make sure to prepare for the Tentsile Experience carefully. Do not start if you have any physical problems (shoulders, elbows) or any other complications.

During the Tentsile Experience

There is a good cell phone coverage between Repovesi and Verla so you can share your moments in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter when ever you like. More importantly you can call help if needed. 

When your on your own, you are responsible for navigation along the route. Some places on the big lakes can be a bit tricky to navigate but in general the route is quite easy.

The paddling route has no difficult or dangerous passages. In a case of a thunder storm get ashore quickly and wait the storm out. 

In case of emergency, call 112

You also have to bring your own first aid kit that includes an elastic bandage, blister pads, compresses and tape. It is recommended to complement the mandatory first aid kit with safety pins, fluid replacement and pain reliever. Be careful with hygiene when taking care of wounds, use plenty of clean water and soap to rinse wounds.

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