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Tentsile Experiences in Repovesi and Verla are meant for all outdoor enthusiasts that are looking for great experiences in the middle of beautiful Finnish nature. How to prepare variates a lot depending on the level of service but the basics are the same.

Physical fitness and previous experience

Spending a night in a Tensile at Verla doesn't really need any physical fitness or previous experience. Tree People is meant for all outdoor enthusiasts interested in returning to their roots.

If you have chosen Borderlands, you should make sure your upper torso is ready for about 35 km paddling. Some basic physical training should be enough and you should have previous experience in canoeing or kayaking . The paddling route between Repovesi and Verla can be quite challenging when the winds are blowing from the south. This is why you need to prepare your body a little. This way you can enjoy the magnificent old timber floating route and turn Tentsile Experience into a pleasant challenge. 

If you don't have previous experience in canoeing or kayaking or you just want play it safe, add Adventure Guide to your Tentsile Experience. 

Packing list

It is always a good idea to pack in advance, at least on paper. What you need with you variates a little depending on the level of service. In general you will need the following:

Sleep well

  • • A sleeping bag which will keep you warm down to 5 degrees celsius.
  • • A sleeping mat

Food and drinks

  • A camping stove and cooking pots. Fuel. Matches or lighter and a sponge to do the dishes with. We recommend gas. 
  • A bowl, mug and a spoon
  • A water bottle
  • Snacks, extra energy, coffee/tea


  • Small knife and scissors
  • Toilet bag with the most necessary items (toothbrush, toothpaste and soap + personal favourites)
  • Towel

Safety and Orienteering

  • Maps and compass
  • First Aid Kit
  • Little LED-headlamp with new batteries
  • Sunglasses

Clothing to be packed

  • One set of long underwear (for experiences in spring and autumn)
  • Socks
  • Underpants
  • Sandals or sports shoes (for the evenings)
  • Cap or sunhat
  • Glowes (if your paddling a lot, specially during spring and autumn)
  • Rain clothes; rain jacket/shell jacket with hood and rain trousers. 
  • Warm fleece top, or a warm top . If you know you have a tendency to get cold, take an extra layer with you. 

Clothing to be worn

Underpants, trousers (zip-off trousers are great with removable legs), top or shirt, socks and light weight shoes (wetshoes are best for kayaking). If it is windy, put your shell jacket on. If it is cold and windy/wet put in both your warm layer and your rain/shell jacket and trousers. 

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