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To get the most out of Tentsile Experience, it is good to be fully rested after flight. After you land Helsinki-Vantaa airport, head to the train and travel to Kouvola. At Kouvola Orginal Sokos Hotel Vaakuna will Welcome yuou

Helsinki International Airport (HEL)

Helsinki Airport is the biggest International Airport in Finland and most of the flights land there. 

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Hop on a train

After you have picked up your luggage and gotten through customs head for the train station. Find a train ticket machine and buy a ticket from Helsinki Airport to Kouvola. 

Make sure that you hop on a right train when leaving the airport. Your next stop should be Tikkurila where you have to change to another train heading to Kouvola. The travel time is about 1 hour 22 minutes depending on a train type etc.

Buy train tickes online:

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