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We believe that with genuine passion and a clear vision we can create a successful nature tourism business in the Repovesi-Verla area, of which we, the workers and the customers, can be proud of.

These seven fundamental ideas are the cornerstones which we build Tervarumpu on. We believe that with genuine passion and a clear vision we can create a successful nature tourism business in the Repovesi-Verla area, of which we, the workers and the customers, can be proud of.

The biggest successes start small

All the great success stories we all know start with small first steps. The important thing is that the steps are going the right way with a clear destination.
We see a lot of potential in Repovesi and Verla, and we have a very clear vision about the end result.

We believe that by taking smart small steps, we can build successful businesses into the National Park and the World Heritage Site. Proceeding with small steps gives us the time to learn the impacts of our actions and react to them quickly.

The tales from the past remind us of our roots

All of us want to hear exciting stories about their past. The area of Repovesi is full of history. It used to be the border region between Sweden and Russia, the scene of the civil war, and a significant source of the green gold. 

We actively gather more stories and information about the region. We share the findings on our hiking trips.

People are always a part of nature and the community

Humans are a part of nature. The human body is made of the same substances as every other living thing. The environment affects us the same way it affects any other living creature. People will always return to nature and find a source of strength. We also have an inbuilt need to belong in a community.

We develop new ways to become a part of nature for nature lovers. We offer opportunities to enjoy the moments under the trees developing your trekking skills.

The responsibility for the nature

The tourism industry has expanded enormously on a global scale. This had led to some unhealthy phenomena in many destinations. Erosion and extreme commercialism has led to customer dissatisfaction. These reasons have resulted in the increase in valuing locality, environmental values and moderation. The value of sustainable development is recognised. 

We develop all our processes to reduce our footprint in our working environment. We use nearly 100% renewable energy at all our destinations. Our waste treatment processes (toilet and other waste) are closed. To minimise car usage, we use the latest technology in our services and destinations. We give instructions and guidance for our guests to minimise their impact on nature, too. Even small deeds become meaningful when the volume is large. 

Everything in moderation

When the pressure and the demands of the society are becoming harder and harder, many people wonder if downsizing work and consumption could be the key to a better quality of life. For this reason, many of us rethink their consumption and expenditure. Simultaneously with the customers growing more cost conscious, the nature travel business needs to let go of the old and heavy structures and processes – it needs to be renewed.

We rely on the latest technology and automatisation in our services. This way we can provide services effectively while keeping the costs reasonable. 

Perseverance creates lasting value

The responsibility for the service environment and business accountability have become more central in the discussion in the past few years. The nature tourism doesn’t really work in quarter years. For the business to be profitable and sensible, it must be based on long-term planning and sustainable solutions.

Primarily we repair and renew existing structures. We aim to find new ways to use old and possibly forgotten destinations. We look for new possibilities in our surroundings. We want our work effort to be noticed, appreciated and suitably compensated. This way our services are sustainable and of good quality.

Constant development

The field we work in and the customers’ needs change constantly. Especially the development of information technologies can be seen and heard in the nature tourism business. 

We actively look for new possibilities. We are open-minded about potential new ideas, and we strive to push forward the progress. We also want to think outside the box and learn new things. This way we keep ahead of the game. 


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