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Nature tourism is a growing industry expected to get more popular in the future. The ecosystem services and experiences the nature provides are becoming more and more important for those, who spend most of their time in the urban environment. The increase in visitors and the demand for meaningful experiences highlights the importance of the industry’s accountability in all aspects of their work.


Professional expertise is in a key role in providing experiences. The job needs skills for it to be done well. 

This is how we do it:

  • Nature and Wilderness Guide is a protected title that can only be used by vocational college graduates after years of studies.
  • Repovesi Guide title is for guides and instructors who have completed an official course. The first Repovesi Guides graduated in 2014.
  • Our kayaking instructors are not only skilled kayakers, but also certified by the Finnish Canoeing and Rowing Federation.
  • We offer services in many different languages, including Finnish, English and Russian.
  • Our subcontractors are also required to have the necessary qualifications.
  • All people working with food have the Hygiene Passport.
  • In our services we use the latest technology to help us improve our customer experience.


Safety is the most important thing when going out to the wild. Nature provides amazing experiences but also involves risks, and it’s our job to prepare for them. 

This is how we do it:

  • There are up-to-date safety protocols in all the fields we work in.
  • Our operations are insured.
  • Our skilled staff is qualified and experienced in handling extreme situations.
  • We have strong, up-to-date knowledge of the area and the circumstances at all times.

Work for the benefit of the park

Sites like the Repovesi National Park are not there just to be exploited. We all must ensure and act so that the park is preserved and protected for future generations. 

This is how we do it:

  • We help and guide our guests to act responsibly and sustainably.
  • We minimize the trace we leave in our operations.
  • Part of the proceedings from our services go directly to the upkeep and maintenance of the park.
  • We actively take part in the development of the park.


Tervarumpu/Repovalkea Oy is a partner contractor of the Repovesi National Park. We are committed to the principles of sustainable nature tourism in all our activity and accommodation services.

1. Preserve the valuable features of nature and promote their protection.

  • The nature is an important factor for the trip.
  • We inform visitors of the values of nature and their protection.
  • Visiting should not harm the environment, some areas are protected from visiting.
  • We keep the groups small and use existing routes when possible.
  • Visiting is channeled through the appropriate locations of services and instructions.
  • We build in harmony with the surroundings and keep pristine locations untouched.
  • We monitor the impacts and erosion of the natural values and we prevent any harmful impacts proactively.

2. Minimise the load on the environment

  • Our work is done on nature's terms while minimising the impact on the environment
  • The goal is conservation of nature and litter-free visiting.
  • Firewood is used sparingly.
  • The emissions to water and air are minimised and renewable energy sources are favoured.
  • Metsähallitus and the local entrepreneurs give good example in environmental protection. 

3. Value local culture and traditions

Getting to know the local culture with an open mind.
When delivering experiences and knowledge, local culture is taken into considerations when possible.
We employ guides who know the area.

4. Increase the guests’ appreciation of nature and culture

  • Gather information in advance.
  • The information is easily available and attractively presented.
  • The guests are given the opportunity to participate in the area’s management.
  • Our guides are well trained.

5. Increase the possibilities for recreation in the nature

  • All park visitors are taken into consideration.
  • The services are tailored to the demand and location.
  • We offer peace of nature and guided nature walks.
  • Develop services together with local businesses.

6. Further the mental and physical wellbeing of customers

  • Encouraging the use of muscle power.
  • Ensuring the use of proper hiking equipment.
  • There are easy and more demanding routes to choose from.
  • Offering the chance for nature experiences.
  • The services, trails and facilities are safe.

7. Have a positive impact on local economy and employment

  • We use local partners and services when possible.
  • We employ locals as much as possible but also acknowledge that outside people and ideas can be valuable resources in developing the local area.  

8. High-quality and responsible communication and marketing 

  • Reliable customer data.
  • Information is transparent and interactive.
  • Marketing is not in conflict with nature conservation.

9. Cooperation in planning and implementing activities.

  • We value guests’ opinions.
  • Education and training is organized together with other service providers.
  • Everyone who is interested is welcome to participate in planning.
  • We prioritize partners who are committed to sustainable nature tourism.

© Repovalkea Oy / Tervarumpu

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